Parents and Children — Two Generations. Около 10 простых предложений, п. с. не плагиатим из предыдущих тем/с других сайтов


Parents and Children — Two Generations.
Около 10 простых предложений, п.с. не плагиатим из предыдущих тем/с других сайтов.

  • There are many conflicts between different people: between classmates,
    friends, students and teachers and of course, between the members of a
    family. Many of teenagers can’t help relying on their parents because
    they dream to be independent from their parents and other adults. We
    understand that learning is necessary for our life, but it’s so boring.
    Of course, we go to school and try to be obedient, but not always. We
    want to get dressed up and have a little bit of pocket money. In our
    country, teenagers do not have the oppotunity to dress as they like,
    because the parents do not always understand the modern fashion. Most of
    us often buy clothes at the markets or in the cheap stores and spend
    only the money that we are given by our parents. Some of us try to find
    any job to be independent.
    But when I need some money I prefer to ask it from my parents because
    I have no time and opportunity to earn money.
    I must study hard to enter the institute. It is my job now.
    I think that the most common cause of conflicts is misunderstanding.
    To my mind to avoid any conflict we should be more tolerant to each other.

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