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International trade is the exchange of capital, goods and services across international borders or territories. In most countries, is represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP). While international trade has been present throughout much of history, its economic, social, and political importance has been on the rise in recent centuries. Industrialization, advanced transportation, globalization, multinational corporations, and outsourcing are all having a major impact on the international trade system. Increasing international trade is crucial to the continuance of globalization. International trade is a major source of economic revenue for any nations that is considered a world power. Without international trade, nations would be limited to the goods and services produced within their own borders.
International trade is in principle, not different from domestic trade as the motivation and the behavior of parties involved in a trade does not change fundamentally depending on whether trade is across a border or not. The main difference is that international trade is typically more costly than domestic trade. The reason is that a border typically imposes additional costs such as tariffs, time costs due to border delays and costs associated with country differences such as language, the legal system or culture.
International trade uses a variety of currencies, the most important of which are held as foreign reserves by government and central banks
Another difference between domestic and international trade is that factor of production such a capital and labour are typically more mobile within a country than across countries. Thus international trade is mostly restricted to trade in goods and services, and only to a lesser extent to trade in capital, labor or other factors of production. Then trade in goods and services can serve as a substitute for trade in factors of production. Instead of importing the factor the factor of production a country can import goods that make intensive use of the factor of production and are thus embodying the respective factor, An example is the import of labour-intensive goods by the United States from Cnina. Instead of importing goods from China that were produced with Chinese labour.
International trade is also a branch of economics, which, together with international finance, forms the larger brunch of international economics.

trade — торговля
capital — капитал
goods — товары
services -услуги
revenue — валовой доход; прибыль
costs — расходы, издержка
tariff — пошлина
currency -валюта, деньги
gross domestic product — валовой внутренний продукт
corporation — корпорация, компания

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1) What is international trade?
2) What does influence the development of international trade?
3) Why is it so important to increase international trade?
4) How does international trade differ from domestic one?

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