Помогите, , ответить на задания по английскому языку. Задание Выберите подходящее слово из двух в тексте осолнце. The sun looks like a big


Помогите,пожалуйста,ответить на задания по английскому языку.
Задание 1. Выберите подходящее слово из двух в тексте о

1. The sun looks like a big bright ball/apple.

2. It
shines on our world/country and helps us to see eve­rything around us.

3. The sun is like a lamp that gives us life/light.

4. But it is also like fire/lightning that
gives us warmth.

5. In the morning the sun is in the east/west.

6. At first it is low in the sky/cloud and then
it rises higher and higher.

7. At noon the sun is in the south/north.

8. In the evening it is in the east/west.

9. The earth turns round the sun in ten/twelve months.

10. Three  
hundred   and   sixty-five  
days   make   a year/century.
Задание 2. 
. Ответьте на вопросы о луне, выбрав пра­вильный

1. What is the moon like?

a. earth b. animal        c. fish

2. When can we see the moon in the sky?

a. at noon        b. at night       c. on holidays

3. When the moon is a «week old» what form
has it got?

a. a bow b. a ball c. a

4. In how many days does
the moon turn round the earth?

a. 25 b. 28 c. 30
Задание 3. 
Вставьте пропущенные в стихотворении о звёздах
гласные буквы.

In th_ d_y

F_r _w_y H_de th_ st_rs:
they n_v_r st_y N_v_r sh_w Where th_y g_ C_n you t_ll me, d_ you kn_w? In th_

You m_y m_rk Hundreds over
h_use and p_rk.

рифмованные слова из стихотворения. Добавьте к каждой тройке слов — своё
Задание 4. Составить из анаграммы явление природы
WOSN          BREEEZ
Задание 5. 
Прочитайте текст о деревьях. Вставьте недостающие
слова из рамочки.

Breathes, leaves, up, branches,
down, _eats, roots, trunk, ground._

The body of a tree is
called its (1)________ . Many

(2)________ grow from it.
Some of them go (3)_____ into

the air, some go
(4)__________ , into the (5)___________ .

They are called
(6)___________ . A tree (7)_________

and drink with its roots,
and (8)___________ through the

(9)_________ .
Задание 6. 
Вставьте пропущенные слова, подходящие по смыслу.
Переведите последнее предложение.

Long, long ago the people
of Egypt made paper from the tall grass that grows on the banks of the river

………….. On the stalk of this plant there grew a

skin. People took off these
skins and laid heavy things on them until they became dry and flat. Then people
could write on them. This grass from which people made this

kind of paper was called
(2) ………….., and from this

name we have the word «paper».

  • 1.1)ball 2)world 3)light 4)fire 5)east 6)sky 7)north 8) 9)twelve 10)year
    2.1)a 2)b 3)b 4)c
      a,a,a; i,e,a; 
     e,e,a; e,e,o;

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