Make up sentences and write them down а our town/small/your city The book/interesting/the film This place/beautiful/that castle This bus /


Make up sentences and write them down а) 1. our town/small/your city 2. The book/interesting/the film 3.This place/beautiful/that castle 4. This  bus / comfortble /that car 5.History / easy/Maths 6. St Petersburg/big/ Pavlovsk 7 Emmas homework/difficult/Toms homework

B) 1/ It/long/road/in our town 2. It/short/poem/in the textbook 3. She/good/student/in our class 4. He/famous/writer/in Russian literture 5. It/happy/day/of her summer holidays 6. it/long/legend/in the world 7. It/ funny/  hobby/ in our class

  • а) 1. Our town is smaller than  your city 2. The book is more interesting than the film 3.This place is more beautiful than   that castle 4. This  bus  is more comfortble than  that car 5.History  is easier than Maths 6. St Petersburgis bigger than Pavlovsk 7 Emmas homework is more difficult thanToms homework

    B) 1/ It is the longest road in our town 2. It is the shorter poem in the textbook 3. She is the best studenti n our class 4. He is the most famous writer/in Russian literture 5. It is the happiest day of her summer holidays 6. it is the longest legendi n the world 7. It is the  funniest  hobby in our class

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